Thursday, October 23, 2008

New News

Wow! Alot has happened since my last post in...what was it, August? Anyhow, so I'm finally done with my LPN courses. I officially finished on September 26th. It feels so good to be done! And, I took my licensing exam this past Tuesday, and just found out today that I passed! So, I am officially a LPN! I also already have a job all lined up. I go in on Friday to fill out all of the paperwork, and then hopefully next week I'll start on the schedule over there! It's exciting, but a little nerve wracking at the same time.

That's about all I have news-wise right now. Jen and Matt will be over for a visit here in a few weeks, so it will be great to see them!

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Diane said...

Hey Tiff and Amber, this is a neat idea ... but since I just joined the blogging world (well Just a blog for Aaron while he's on his mission) anyway, I think you should update this :). Tiff ... you guys should come out to Nauvoo with us and surprise Grandma Cook. July 23 is her release date ... what do ya think? Yea ... it's a long way.
Love you guys ... Diane (Mom)